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Petworth is a short drive away from us, but has an awful lot to offer. It is known as the 'antiques shoppers' paradise' as there are plenty of antique shops around. I am not really into that, but still find it awfully interesting to browse the windows for all sorts of authentic, old-fashioned bits and pieces. A walk around Petworth offers a lot of cute nooks and crannies too

Let's start at the top of the town (well, what I consider the top of the town)... at Petworth House. I have never actually gone inside Petworth House and it is on my to do list. It is a 17th century country house and is set in Petworth Park. The entrance to the park is a short drive away and offers a fabulous (free) walk inside an enormous park, complete with deer. It is supposed to be landscaped by Capability Brown but to me it looks pretty natural. Shows my ignorance, I guess!
Us lot on the park side of Petworth House. I am glad I don't have to keep that house clean!

The park is home to England's largest and oldest herd of fallow deer.
The actual house is just on the outskirts of Petworth, but I've only ever seen the rather imposing gates.

St Mary's Church is on the main road through Petworth, just a litte bit further up. It looks to me like a mish-mash of different building styles, almost like bits of the building were added  at different times. I love the eclectic look of it!
In the graveyard some really gorgeous, old gravestones.
One of the clearest (and cutest) examples of windows tax can be found in a house on Petworth square. If you look at the photograph below, you'll see that some of the windows were blocked but painted to look like the windows are still there! (First and third from left in top row and third from left in middle row, I think)

Another example on a different house that made for a very nice artistic photo.

Other bits and pieces that are good to see...

Collection of different buildings and bricks and stone coming together.

A very tall door!
The Petworth Cottage Museum was once the house of Mrs Cummings, a seamstress at Petworth House. The house is set up as it was in 1910. I have not been inside as it was not open when I was there, but the outside is quaint enough.

The outhouse at the back of the garden.

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