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This little village is one of the prettiest villages just around the corner from us! With loads of interesting places and stories, too.
Just for clarification (because I always got it wrong in the beginning and the locals are fairly pernicular about the pronunciation of the name): it is pronounced like Bozzum and not like Bosh-ham!

Bosham Church

You can read a bit about the history of the church on the church's website.
(Ian and Elna)

View of church from harbour (Retha)
The 12th Century font (Retha)
Gravestones in churchyard (Retha)

It is said that the knights of the old days, when they returned from the Holy Wars, landed at Bosham and their first stop would be at Bosham Church. It would be unheard of to bring a sharp sword into the church but equally unheard of to leave the swords outside. So they would blunt their swords on the doorposts of the church door. The crosses carved in the stone can still be clearly seen.
(Ian and Elna)

The Green

One of the most beautiful trees grows on the green in Bosham. The green overlooks the harbour (or I guess if you want to be technical it is a 'hoe' or another technical marine term. It is not quite the open sea and has lots of sail boats in it, so to me it is a harbour!) and makes for some lovely views and photos.

The beautiful tree
View towards the harbour from beneath the tree
Some boats... pretty.
A different view of the harbour

Canal between the church and the green

An interesting thing about Bosham is that it has a road that floods each high tide. Yes, the water rises deep over the road and if you left your car there and forgot about the tide, you will find it floating in the Bosham Hoe! If you don't believe me, watch this video.
The warning sign, on dry land during low tide

The same sign under water at high(er) tide (Ian and Elna)
Sometimes the high tide goes up high enough to flood the second road too. The houses have flood protection to the doors. Here I am standing by the door of one of the houses where you can see the flood wall.

Along this same road there is walkway (for when it is high tide) with houses facing the sea. I do believe you pay through your nose for one of these (or for one anywhere in Bosham!). But they have lovelyy gardens.

Odds and ends

My dad was very amused to find this sign in a rural village car park!
And in pretty Bosham of all places...

Thatched roof with pretty edging.

The old Mill (now Yachting Club House)

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